Product Videos

Sohner Plastics provides innovative packaging solutions to suit your products exacting requirements. Click on the individual videos below to learn more about the materials, specifications and application usage.

Stackable Tote Inserts Trays made with Dissipative HIPS

Dissipative Thin Gauge PET Trays for Electronic Components

Precision Conductive HIPS Trays for Automation

Stackable Conductive HIPS Trays for Automation

Conductive HIPS Tote Insert that Simultaneously Protects Sensitive Circuit Board Components

Stackable HIPS Conductive Tray which Holds Multiple Similar Parts that Contain Flexible Elements

Conductive HIPS Tray that Protects Sensitive Parts from Colliding

Conductive HIPS Tray that Holds Mulitple Similar Parts

Protecting No-Touch Components in a Conductive HIPS Tray

Cover Sensitive Components on Part using PET ESD

Friction Fit for Electronic Parts in a PET ESD Tray to Hold in Place

Sample Nests