Sleeve Pack Forklift Crash Test

Each situation is different and requires detailed engineering to determine the size of the Tray and the Pallet


Sleeve Pack Compression and Forklift Crash Test

Compression Test

Under 1000kg Load

The lids 25mm locator bosses have collasped but
the twinsheet-sleeve (side panels) and the pallet show
no deformation.

Under 4000kg Load

The loading flap begins to open, the twinsheet-sleeve begins to buckle. The whole system is compressed 18mm.

All parts inside container are still undamaged.

Compressed 75mm

Buckling occurs in the twinsheet-sleeve near the door flap when unit is compressed by 75mm.

Force vs. Compression

The pack begins to compress with forces over 1000kg. It compressed 18mm before buckling at just under 4000kg.
The pallet and lid, with the exception of the locator
bosses, were undamaged
by the load.

Examination of pack one day after pressure test

The HDPE sleeve has returned to its proper shape. Only on the inside of the sleeve can you see traces of the damage from the extreme (4000 kg) load.

Forklift Crash Test

Forklift crash test

The pack was set against a wall and a fork lift was driven into the side of the unit.Because of the huge force the lid pops off and the sleeve is crunched inward. The pallet and the lid are undamaged but the sleeve is deformed.

One minute after the test

Shortly after the fork lift crash, the sleeve has returned to about 90% of it’s original shape.

There is no serious damage to the sleeve!

Only the locks in the pallet and lid are twisted due to the force of the impact. They still work and the sleeve can be set back in the groove and locked back into place.