TriPly Tri-Laminate Material

Several materials and thicknesses available for any application.



Tri-Laminate Material

Triply® is a three-layer polypropylene composite consisting of a central structural sheet sandwiched between two smooth exterior sheets. The key feature is the design of the geometry of the middle structural sheet which provides the exceptional rigidity in all directions. Constant wall thickness improves the quality of the welded bond between the structural middle and the outer sheets, further improving rigidity.

Polypropylene is 100% recyclable. It is manufactured in 2,100mm width and any required length. Available in standard gray or any custom color. Options include: talcum additive for increased strength, UV resistant, ESD conductivity of 10/4 to 10/8 ohms, fire resistant, custom imprinting.





    • Extremely Lightweight and Rigid
    • High Compressive and Impact Strength
    • Smooth and Level Surface
    • Moisture Resistance
    • Suitable for Contact with Food and Water
    • Compatible with most Printing Processes
    • Excellent Insulation
    • Excellent Chemical Resistance
    • Custom Sizes Available


    • Standard sheet size: 1,981mm x 2,235mm (78”x88”)
    • Special Order up to 2,100mm Wide by any Required Length
    • Custom Fabricated Modules and Sleeves


  • Custom Sizes
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Imprinting
  • ESD Conductive 10/4 to 10/8 ohms
  • UV Resistant
  • Talcum Additive for Increased Strength
  • Fire Resistant
  • Corona Treated